Professor DJ Dingley

“I would like to welcome you to this website which I hope you might find useful in your application and in possible further development of the EBSD technique.”

“Despite some rumors floating around I have not retired to the South of France although yes I do visit there quite a bit but the internet is a wonderful thing and no one is out of reach nowadays.

Talking with colleagues around the world they thought it might be a good idea to disscus problems experienced in utilizing the EBSD technique, difficulties with certain crystal systems and queries about the newly emerging techniques could be aired and answers provided. They suggested that I was in a good position to host such a sevice with my long experience in EBSD as an academic at Bristol University where I currently hold a visiting professorship, and as a system provider, via Oxford Instruments in the very early days and TSL from its foundation. I am currently independent of both of these concerns but I am pleased to admit I do have an interest as a consultant in BLG productions. This is a start up company established by ex Bristol students to provide application software in areas not covered by the major EBSD providers.
So let’s see how it goes.” – Thank you – professor DJ Dingley


Professor DJ Dingley has pioneered the development and understanding of automated EBSD (Electron BackScatter Diffraction) science and technology.  He established a key research program at Bristol University in the early ’70′s after completing a Post-Docterate in Physics at Stanford University, California.  In the late 80′s research into EBSD began to migrate to industry where David helped introduced the first commercially available system.  In the early 90′s he established TSL (TexSEM Laboratories Inc.) together with John Bennion and Dr Brent Adam’s in the USA on the back of those early installations.  He now resides in Cornwall, England enjoying the ocean breezes.

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